About The Australian Resume Writer

About The Australian Resume Writer

Our first software product was conceptualised as a Resume Writing DIY ‘kit’ back in 1997. Over the years, it grew into a fully fledged software program which is now known today as The Australian Resume Writer, which has continued to evolve. The Australian Resume Writer is an easy-to-use, yet powerful and intuitive, job seeker program, which provides a complete solution to create a marketable resume and cover letter that employer’s love to receive, as well as the ability to manage and track job applications and receive powerful and current information on job search strategies.

The Australian Resume Writer guides you in building amazing marketing documents for today’s competitive job market, and removes all the guesswork and worry on what information to include and how you should include it.

The resume and cover letter wizard is easy-to-use and, at the push of a button, your resume and cover letter is generated and opened in your word processing program.

Containing 974 job occupations, this powerful program is suitable for any job seeker, no matter what your profession. You’ll find over 20,000 professionally written statements that encompass job descriptions, task statements, achievements, profiles and more. It’s as simple as choosing your occupation, then choosing the professionally written statements to include in your resume / cover letter. Choose from a large selection of professionally designed templates; templates that are proven to work and loved by recruiters.

A successful job search is hinged on many aspects, which is why The Australian Resume Writer was created as a full holistic program that arms you with all the tools you need for a successful career.  It goes beyond the resume creation process and provides you with insider tips and secrets, ability to craft a unique cover letter, tools for career development and management, and a comprehensive application management system to track your job applications.

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Company Background

Aussie Resumes Pty Limited is a professional services company, providing a full range of career-related services. For over 23 years we have assisted thousands of clients from more than 36 countries.

Combining unparalleled experience in, and knowledge of, industries and professions across all career levels, Aussie Resumes collaborates with clients for personalised job branding and job marketing strategies, and coaches clients in achieving their career dreams and goals. Their intimate knowledge of employer needs an extensive network of HR / Recruitment professionals and conduction of the Aussie Resumes Employer Survey.

Their commitment to client satisfaction and client results has led to numerous, mutually rewarding relationships and partnerships with recruiters, professionals in the HR industry, educational bodies, the Department of Education & Training, migration agents, and niche organisations. Organisations and professionals in these fields harness Aussie Résumés’ expertise and knowledge via their licensed career products, job seeker software, consultancy, and workshops to boost their clients’ capability and job search results.

Company Website: http://www.AussieResumes.com

The Australian Resume Writer Website: http://www.AustralianResumeWriter.com.au