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“10 Secrets to Finding Your Career Passion & Reducing Your Time in the Job Hunt by 50% or More” ($27 value)

– a 50 Minute Audio by Certified Professional Career Coach, Tara West
– free instant download

SECRET #1: What One Thing You MUST Do If You Don’t Want To Feel Worry, Concern & Grief During A Career Transition.
– What feelings you may experience and why it’s okay.
– What NOT to do when facing a crisis.

SECRET #2: What 8 Steps You MUST Take to Identify Your Career Passion So You’re NOT Just ‘Getting Another Job’.
– 8 Critical Factors to finding or creating a job you are passionate about.
– Why you need to define your calling in life and how it will impact on you for the rest of your life.
– What steps you need to take after defining your career passion.

SECRET #3: How To INSTANTLY Shift Your Mindset That Sets You Up For Success & Allows YOU To Take Control.
– Why it’s not enough to think like a job seeker.
– My 2 best tips in expanding your possibilities.

SECRET #4: What The Number ONE Single Most Powerful Action Plan Will Do For Your Job Search Campaign.
– What you can do to differentiate yourself from everyone else.
– The biggest fallacy of all time.

SECRET #5: What One Strategy You MUST Use For Published Job Openings So You Don’t End Up On the ‘No’ Pile.
– How you can improve your chances for consideration of a job opening.
– What you shouldn’t do when an employer calls you.
– What one THING you should be doing when using Internet job boards.

SECRET #6: What 3 Steps You NEED To Take To Tap The Hidden Job Market & Access 85% of Jobs That Are Never Advertised.
– One little known way you can expand your network instantly by 50%
– My best strategy that positions you as an EXPERT in your field

SECRET #7: What One Thing You MUST Do With Your Resume & Cover Letter If You Want Your Phone Ringing Off The Hook With Interview Offers.
– The No. 1 way to get employers raving about you.
– Top resume mistakes
– What one thing could result in your application not being opened via email.

SECRET #8: What 3 Things You Can Do In An Interview To Take The Spotlight Off Your Shortcomings & Position Yourself In A Positive Light.
– What the #1 influential factor is in an interview – and it’s not what you think!
– What you can do to impress an interviewer.
– One of my best questions you should be asking an interviewer.

SECRET #9: What 3 Mistakes You NEED to Avoid When Evaluating A Job Offer.
– What one thing you should ‘listen’ for when faced with a job offer.
– How NOT to burn your bridges.

SECRET #10: What The Number One Myth Is When Negotiating A Salary That Leaves You $5000, $10000 or even $20000 Worse Off Than Where You Started.
– Why you shouldn’t be jumping at the first offer.
– The one top myth of salary negotiation.
– What ONE strategy you can use to turnaround a sticky negotiating situation.



“How to Tap the Hidden Job Market” ($17 value + $60 worth of bonuses inside the book)

– an eBook by Certified Professional Career Coach, Tara West
– free instant download

Forget About Chasing Jobs on Internet Job Boards!

Now YOU Can Tap Into The 85% Of Jobs That Are NEVER Advertised By Using Proven Strategies That Are Easy And Simple To Learn.

You’ll learn:

  • What the hidden job market is
  • How networking can help you find a job
  • How to apply the 1:50 principle
  • How to take advantage of the most under utilised strategy – targeted cold calling
  • How to harness company news and events as a vehicle for getting a foot in the door
  • How to create your own job
  • The importance of keeping track of your applications
  • How to influence companies into hiring you – despite the economic downturn!
  • Preparing for your job search campaign
  • Strategies on an integrated job search campaign
  • How to handle published job openings
  • Where to network
  • Improving your Internet footprint
  • How to set up and prepare for a networking meeting
  • What you should say when following-up
  • Why it’s so important to have an opening speech
  • When to use your opening speech
  • How to find solutions to an employer’s problems
  • A MUST strategy you should be using for every meeting / interview
  • How to cold call
  • What strategies to employ when researching
  • Where and how you conduct your research
  • Little known tool to use in your researching efforts
  • And much more!

“How to TAP The Hidden Job Market” includes $60 of FREE BONUSES:

  • Sample networking letter
  • Sample cold calling letter
  • Sample news / events letter for prospecting to employers

Raving Fans of the eBook ‘How to TAP The Hidden Job Market’

This book is a must read for any job seeker. Tara clearly knows what she is talking about when it comes to exploring the hidden job market. The book delivers some practical examples without any hard to understand jargon. How to TAP the Hidden Job Market is well organised into chapters that discuss different types of comprehensive strategies. Each chapter describes what each strategy is and why it is important, with concrete examples. This book is an excellent resource. ~ Jay, Accountant

Before reading the book I was grateful to have a job in these uncertain times and was content to hold onto it until the situation improved. I have now been inspired to not only look for something better but also to pursue opportunities using the practical strategies provided to go into my own business. ~ Nick Katsouris, Manager – Risk

Tara succinctly articulates the importance of a positive mindset for the job seeker and the hidden tools and places to look to equip the pro-active job seeker. ~ Vincent Caruso, Deputy Legal Counsel

A very informative book and extremely useful tool in tailoring your job search in today’s market. I found this book very concise and to the point in providing useful information to everyone – not just those who are currently in the job market. ~ Bernard Crawford, Customer Service Officer

I have found the book to be very informative especially the importance of networking and the potential that networking offers in job searching. ~ Valentino Marinelli, Accountant

When Tara ‘worked her magic’ on my resume over 12 months ago it gave me a renewed confidence in myself. I’ve now been in my dream job for one year and can’t see myself leaving it in a hurry. Although in the current economic climate you never really know what’s just around the corner. So whilst I’m not currently looking for a new job, I am going to start and implement some of the ‘How to Tap the Hidden Job Market’ strategies, like networking. The contact that you make today maybe just the one you need tomorrow. ~ Chris, Engineering Officer

I feel this book would be a great resource for job searchers, particularly in the area of networking. Generally a really good guide to how to go about seeking out those hidden jobs. ~ Lindsay Short, Executive Officer

It is a relief to have a no nonsense book that gets straight to the point and advises the best way to stay positive especially in this “gloom and doom” time. The simple points are just that – simple – but something one often forgets when they are faced with the prospect of looking for work. ~ Andrea James, Contract Administration Officer

This book contains very valuable information from a holistic sense and is very inspiring! ~ Helena Smith-O’Connell, Project Manager

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The real investment you make in Resume Software is not the purchase price, but the time you save in preparing your resume and cover letter in the format recruiters prefer, which guarantees more interviews and job offers – sooner, rather than later.

This is why it is important to choose a Resume Software from a reputable Australian company that is committed to providing a resume builder for the Australian job seeker. We put an emphasis on real information, real tools and real results SPECIFICALLY for Australian job conditions and what Australian recruiters demand to receive. Almost all resume software, resume builders, resume templates, and resume guides available in stores and on the Internet are American based. Even some of the basic online Australian resume builders are ‘cloaked’ domains of their American counterparts. They are massively inadequate for the Australian job market because they don’t provide you with the correct information – or even the correct format or resume style – that recruiters demand to see in the Australian, New Zealand or APAC region.

The Australian Resume Writer is the best Australian Resume Software on the market, developed by real resume writers in the trade. We have been helping job seekers for 20 years and our work has been used by well-respected companies, educational providers, and government departments such as: Hewlett-Packard Australia, Department of Education & Training, Department of Defence, Australian Customs Service, Sydney South West Area Health Service, Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service Australia, Vero Insurance Limited, Career One, LinkMe, RMIT University, Curtin University, and many more. Thousands of people all over the world are now living their ideal life and career because of our job seeker software products, coaching, resumes, workshops, books and other career services.  You can click here to view some Success Stories.

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