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Features of The Australian Resume Writer: Personal Edition

Career Tools & Resources

A successful job search is hinged on many aspects, which is why The Australian Resume Writer was created as a full holistic program that arms you with all the tools you need for a successful career. It goes beyond the resume creation process and provides you with insider tips and secrets and tools for career development and management from a Certified Professional Career Coach.

You have access to many Career Tools and Resources to assist you in your job hunting journey, including…

Career Tools & Resources Home PageMaking a Selection on the Career Tools Home PageAccessing the Career Development Home PageAccessing the Interviewing Strategies: tips, secrets, e-book and worksheetAccessing the Career Quiz: find your natural motivations and talents


Interview StrategiesInterviewing Tips and Strategies.

  • ‘Acing the Interview’ book for advanced strategies and tips
  • Company research datasheet
  • Interview Thank You Cover Letter for use after the interview – this letter alone has been proven to boost job offers by up to 50%!

Advanced Resume and Cover Letter TipsAdvanced Resume Tips and Advanced Cover Letter Tips.

Find out what recruiters really want to see in your resume and cover letter and read their comments from The Aussie Resumes Employer Survey.

Get advanced tips on:

  • Tailoring your application;
  • What type of application to put together;
  • What information to include;
  • How to address specific job requirements
  • Strategies for various situations (such as change of career, graduates, re-entering the workforce and more);
  • Plus more!

Job Search Made SimpleJob Search – Search Hundreds of Jobs in One Place.

Looking for a job shouldn’t be a full-time job! That’s why we’ve included the biggest, smartest job search engine on the web, so you don’t have to waste your time in going to each job search site individually.

Search hundreds of job sites and company job boards all at once.

Search Australia-wide, world-wide, or by state / postcode.

Find a Recruiter plus more!Find a Recruiter, See How Much Salary You Should Be Getting, Plus Other Service Professionals.

We’ve included some of the best recruiters and service professionals across Australia. You can find a: Recruiter (recruitment firms); Company (cold calling and company research); Tax Accountant for year-end tax returns; Career Coach; Training Organisations to brush up your skills; Superannuation Organisations; Salary Sacrificing Organisations.

And we’ve included some handy tools to find out how much you’re worth and what salary you should be attracting.

Email ProfessionalismEmail Tips.

Get powerful strategies to boost your email professionalism and make your email stand out from the crowd.

Defining Career AchievementsCareer Achievements Worksheet.

Learn how to become a solution to an employer’s problems and define your career achievements that are geared toward that employer’s needs.

Salary IncreaseHow to Gain a Salary Increase.

Get access to a little-known strategy that allows you to showcase your true worth and potential to your employer. Use the tool to negotiate a salary increase.

Career PromotionHow to Get a Career Promotion.

Get access to a little-known strategy that allows you to showcase your true worth and potential to your employer. Use the tool to gain a career promotion.

Career DevelopmentCareer Development.

Access tons of advice and books to:

  • Develop your career;
  • Boost your overall performance;
  • Improve your job satisfaction;
  • Improve your personal satisfaction;
  • Plus more!

Career QuizCareer Quiz.

Find your perfect career aligned with your interests and motivators in life.

Take the free quiz and gain a greater insight into who you are, as a person, and what careers suit you best.

Job PerformanceJob Satisfaction & Performance.

Use this tool to chart your job satisfaction and define areas for improvement.

Watch How Easy it is to use the Power of Career Coaching in The Australian Resume Writer Software Program


Tara West, CEO100% Guarantee: “If you are not completely satisfied with The Australian Resume Writer software, I will refund your purchase! I personally guarantee that you will completely transform your job search in 60 days or less… and double… triple… even quadruple your calls for interviews. If you aren’t 100% satisfied – at any time – please let me know by Day 61 and I’ll issue you an immediate, no-hassle refund right on the spot. Plus, the free bonus gifts are yours to keep! So try The Australian Resume Writer today!”         Tara West, CEO

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