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Cover Letter Wizard

Over 89% of employers rate your cover letter as a high priority. Combined with your resume, your cover letter is an integral tool in marketing your true potential to the recruiter and demonstrating how or why you meet their criteria for the job.

Are you:

  • Presenting the letter the way an employer wants it?
  • Capturing the recruiter’s attention?
  • Correctly answering the job criteria?

With the cover letter wizard, you can easily craft a cover letter that recruiters love to receive.

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The Australian Resume Writer

Formulated and created in Australia by Australian Resume Writers.

Create an Australian cover letter, NOT an American cover letter, which is completely different to what Australian employers demand to see.

The Australian Resume Writer is the only Australian resume software of its kind that allows you to create cover letters based on the needs and requirements of employers and recruiters in the Australian, New Zealand, and Asia Pacific regions.

Created by real resume writers in the trade, The Australian Resume Writer guarantees a cover letter that is professionally written and compiled in accordance with the needs and requirements of employers and recruiters in the Australian, New Zealand, and Asia Pacific regions.


Cover Letter WizardRespond to a want ad or craft a direct solicitation letter to an employer (cold calling).

It’s as easy as telling the wizard what you want to do, then filling in the blanks.

Use the wizard to generate a professionally written cover letter in minutes!

Professionally Written StatementsSelect from professionally written statements and phrases.

No longer will you have to sweat over the keyboard trying to write a magical statement.

Just choose the phrases, which are immediately placed into the cover letter wizard.

Quick TipsHelpful quick tips and guidance on what information to include in your cover letter.

The cover letter wizard guides you through the process of creating your professional cover letter. It’s like having a professional resume writer sitting right beside you!

The Quick Tips Centre saves you valuable time when determining what information to include, and removes any confusion about what a recruiter really wants to see in your cover letter.

Cover Letter FormatAutomatically compiles your information into the format best loved by recruiters.

No need to worry about which section and which information goes where. The cover letter wizard automatically compiles your information into the format best loved by recruiters – a format proven to gain interviews and of which is used by real resume writers whose clients get results.

The Australian Resume Writer was developed by Aussie Resumes – one of Australia’s long-standing and most respected resume writing companies.  Their knowledge and experience has been integrated throughout the cover letter wizard to guarantee you a cover letter that is favoured by recruiters and employers.  This includes results from Employer / Recruiter Surveys to ensure resumes and cover letters are exactly what recruiters prefer to receive.

When you have completed the cover letter wizard and generated your cover letter, it will be compiled into a format that showcases your abilities and clearly demonstrates to a recruiter your ‘wow’ factor.

Unlimited Cover LettersCreate unlimited cover letters.

The Australian Resume Writer is very flexible, allowing you to create as many cover letters as you need.

It’s vital you create a new cover letter for each position you apply for, as this is your opportunity to address specific criteria in the job advert.

So whether you are applying for 1 job each week or 100; we’ve got you covered.

No matter what your unique requirements, The Australian Resume Writer can help you in creating unlimited cover letters.

Advanced Cover Letter TipsAdvanced insider tips and secrets from real resume writers in the trade, as well as recruiters and hiring managers.

We can guarantee you won’t find such advanced tips and secrets anywhere else.

Cover letter templates have limited or no advice, as too most online resume builders or resume software.  Worse still, because most templates, online resume builders, and resume software are US-based, the advice they do give is incorrect for the Australian, New Zealand and Asia Pacific job markets.

The Australian Resume Writer provides advanced cover letter tips and secrets from real resume writers in the trade.  Tips and secrets they utilise for their clients who pay hundreds to get a resume and cover letter professionally written!

You have all of this advice at your fingertips, as well as advice and comments from recruiters and hiring managers who participate in the Aussie Resumes Employer Survey.

You can also gain advice on specific strategies to handle different career needs, such as change of career, unemployment, no work experience… the list goes on.


Watch How Easy It Is To Write A Cover Letter With the Cover Letter Builder

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Tara West, CEO100% Guarantee: “If you are not completely satisfied with The Australian Resume Writer software, I will refund your purchase! I personally guarantee that you will completely transform your job search in 60 days or less… and double… triple… even quadruple your calls for interviews. If you aren’t 100% satisfied – at any time – please let me know by Day 61 and I’ll issue you an immediate, no-hassle refund right on the spot. Plus, the free bonus gifts are yours to keep! So try The Australian Resume Writer today!”         Tara West, CEO




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